Cow Chip Bingo???

Ok, at the Street Fair last weekend I bought 4 tickets for Cow Chip Bingo, a creative way for the El Modena High School Band to raise money. What, you don't know what Cow Chip Bingo is? Well....let me explain. Take one reasonably green field, this one on the south side of El Modena's campus. No, not the football field, that one is artificial turf....but the one just east of the stadium, mark it off in squares....LOTS of squares, 3,000 to be exact and, I assume, using a computer, number the squares....then sell lots of tickets! On September 19th, sometime around noon, three cows will start wandering around the field and as is usually the case, the cows will eventually do what cows (and other creatures) do after eating...and I do not mean Moo! At the first unloading of....weeeeell.....cow dung, the humans in charge will figure out who "bought" the square in which the cow pattie landed and that LUCKY person will win $250, the second time this organic cleansing occurs the square owner will win $500 and the third time, the lucky square owner will win $750. If band members sell all of the tickets, the take will be $15,000! Wow! The band splits the remainder (after expenses I assume, how much do cows rent for and how mcuh do they eat?) with the ASB and everybody goes home happy...right? What about the cows? Whose cows are they anyway?

Cow watching begins at noon at EMHS...I will be there, because this is too silly to miss! Besides, by chance two of the tickets I bought contain the number 68 (my graduation year) and 70 ( my brother's graduation year!) I, of course, will win with that lucky start. Come on cows!


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