Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton CA

This is a lovely place....a vintage mansion, now concert venue, art galleries, lawns for craft fairs, car shows and two (!) beautiful Batchelder fireplaces. Currently, there are two exhibits. Downstairs, find "Natural Fibers", featuring fiber art including a very beautiful willow sculpture by Carol Shaw-Sutton, (a former teacher and always an inspiration) and wall installation pieces made from twined palm and canvas as well as Joseph Cornell like boxes filled with textures created by collections of seed pods, eggs, and mysterious natural forms.

Upstairs find "Contemporary Quilts", an exhibit of a range of textile work including friend Stacy Hurt's piece Children of Lir ,( the photo does not do it justice) several pieces by friend Cindy Cooksey and friend Jamie Fingal, all members of Cut Loose Quilters,
(see www.cutloosequilters.com/) as well as quilts by Rose Hughes, Carol Henke and others of Quilts on the Wall, a local art quilt group. For more of their work see www.quiltsonthewall.com/.

We enjoyed both shows, and then wandered to downtown Fullerton where we had lunch at a small cafe, enjoying chicke posole soup and tasty sandwiches and omlets, and then window shopped at Gilding the Lily which features vintage trim, hats, charms, buttons, game prize tokens, and a printer's chest full of what art quilters call "embellishments!"

Ever since I was the little girl who was allowed to choose her own hair ribbons at Sprouse Ritz, I have loved all kinds of ribbon...still do...just look what I found at Gilding the Lily....

A day well spent! Do check out the "Muck" as it is known to it's friends and supporters....lots of music, art and beauty right at Euclid and Malvern in Fullerton!