Long Beach International Quilt Festival-Project Runway at Make-It University

Ok! Totally silly, grown women, quilters all, participated in the 60's Couture version of "Project Runway" and made artsy items from silk flowers, fun foam, beads, pipe cleaners, paint, stencils, and more. Did they have fun? You bet!
Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jane La Fazio doing the what?
Arts for peace, an idea as timely now as in the 60's. Make art not war!
Pokey Bolton was the Emcee and had a wonderful time in the process.
She introduced the design team, the Mod Squad, (see above) setting prices for their design assistance...prices included singing "I Got You Babe", dancing in the aisles, singing along with the Beach Boys and more. Participants could "buy" design assistance if willing to make utter and total fools of themselves which they did willingly! At least they had the lyrics!
I got invited to "help" sing along with the Beach Boys. Although I was not a participant, I was a GREAT Cheerleader...any surprise there? Pokey gave me a prize! Bali Pops, 2 inch strips of the most beautiful batiks by Hoffman Fabrics.
The participants stitched with pipe cleaners, glue etc. making art-to-wear and then had to line up and parade the creations. Here is Jean Impey, art quilter extraordinaire contempating her creation....
After one hour of design work, pure fun and more silliness, it was time for the runway strut! Here you goooooo.
This was my favorite....I love her John Lennon rose colored glasses and flower power!

Check out the lady from France on the left, fun foam guitar in hand, and reefer madness in her eyes...amazing how many quilters know how to roll a...well, you know! She let me know after requesting that I take her picture with her camera, that her inspiration was Jimi Hendrix....hmmmmm!

Pokey and her desgn crew picked winnners, I don't know how! Everybody had so much fun we were all winners! Jean and her friend personified the 60's
Don't bogart that doilly, ladies!


Casa Romantica-San Clemente

This gorgeous tile is the patio floor (!) at Casa Romantica, San Clemente, former home of Ole Hanson. "In 1927, Hanson built the Casa Romantica as his family home, and expression of his version of the California dream. The seven-bedroom, seven-bath house was designedby Carl Lindbom, who also designed LaCasa Pacifica (the former Western WhiteHouse)." See the website at http://www.casaromantica.org/

Casa Romantica was the site of a presentation about historic California women "gardeners" who were leaders in a field largely populated by men. The presenter, a landscape architect herself, told stories and reminded all of the women in the room that although there were few recognized, women have always had their hands in the soil, trees and flowers, starting with Eve!

Before the presentation, my friend and fellow gardener, Susan Williams and I wandered through the courtyard area.
Can you believe these colors?
At each step...literally, there was beauty.
A must see when you are in San Clemente, CA.
This gorgeous place sits on the cliff right above the Pacific.
I did not shoot any sea photos, but believe me the view is stunning!


Hawk Country-Can you believe that sky?

View from the side of the road, before coming into Stockton...Highway 88.
When I drive this road I imagine that I am riding a "paint", a black and white horse across this beautiful land. I always think about "before cars", before the pavement tamed this land, and the people who ranched and raised cattle here long ago. I am a cowgirl at heart and in spirit.


Clements Ridge-Between Volcano and Stockton

Stopped at the first produce stand I came to....

I love all reds. Can you tell?
I went home with some of these plump, tasty apricots and a "thingee" that you fill with wood ships and clip to your bbq to add smoky flavor...it was a thank you present for my neighbors who feed my cats!

The Road Out of Town

I stayed a week, cleaned the rain gutters and replaced light bulbs, had fun, ate and slept well and am on the way home down Rams Horn Grade and through Volcano, CA
It wasn't a volcano, just beautiful mountains that the miners saw, but the name stuck. Population 101, here is the "downtown".
St George Hotel....vintage and looking grand for July 4 and the upcoming classic car show. Cars not yet in place....these are the tourists!
Rosie's Bench outside the General Store. Rosie was the Official Greeter for years... gone but not forgotten.
Looking down into the creek. To the left is the amphitheater, site of melodramas and musicals. Barn in sunshine, a favorite of mine.



An independent spirit...she taught me that too! She lives in the forest, enjoys the peace and quiet! She is reserved, votes Republican, cares about the junior high kids she works with at church and is a quiet spoken, but strong woman.

Richard and Mom are more alike than Mom and I but she is a role model for me of patience, kindness and strength. You can see her forest, it is her view from the front deck, looking northwest.


3rd of July Celebration

A silly , fun photo! One of those hold-it-in-front-of-you and shoot! We are sitting on the lawn at the Jackson 3rd of July Independence Day(before)Celebration. Hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, live music by The Geezers, swing with lots of saxaphone, very nice. Wheelbarrow races for the younger and more flexible and then FIREWORKS! One of the best shows I have seen! Photos difficult, but that did not keep me from trying. We had so much fun, people watching, fireworks bursting, just me and Mom!


A Yucca from Kansas?

Jim Stone, Mom's soul mate and my step father, grew up in Kansas. Mom and Jim often traveled in their motor home (a Happy Daze). On a trip back to Kansas, to Jim's family farm, they found and liberated this Yucca and brought it home to Spirit Wind. I am not at all sure that Yuccas are native to Kansas. There is a research opportunity there, but not today! However, the Yucca thrived in gold country soil and bloomed while I was visiting. Here is a close up....
Creamy beautiful flowers. Mom and I are gardeners and flower lovers...she taught me that too! We spend a good deal of our time tending roses, watering the azaleas and rhodedendrons and commenting on the beauty of roadside or other "found" flowers. Oh yes, and feeding the birds....several humming birds are in residence and empty the feeders regularly! My camera is not quick enough to catch the fascinating tiny hummers!

Another love of ours is cats! Imagine that! Meet Tangerine, the cat that was very stand-offish is now an indoor cat...mostly...and a good companion to Mom! Spirit Wind sunset, pale tonight, but still a beautiful view.