Job Networking!

Ok, so there I was feeling sorry for myself at the Golden Flame in Orange...I even ordered French Fries, a true sign of despair....and then I saw the gum ball machine...except it was filled with little rubber balls....so I grabbed my trusty camera, and took a photo...actually several....Then I hear a voice saying "Are you really taking a picture of that"....a stranger making comments...."Yes, I say, I am an art quilter, and it might (someday) be an art quilt." He laughs a little self-consciously ( my comment) and says that he and his friend ( also waiting in line for burgers and fries) are stained glass makers....cooool!
So he asks if I do that for a living and I explain I am a beginner and that I am really a recreation center manager. except, gulp, I just got laid off......so he says....what jobs are you looking for, and I say that I am looking to work for a non-profit organization doing marketing/grant writing/etc...and he says...I know a person who runs a non-profit and so I give him my outdated card, phone number good through June 30, and he says he will ask her to call me.

Imagine that, networking at the Golden Flame...frys not that good there anymore.
Thanks Kevin and Ronetta for the supportive comments and kind phone call.


Remembering our fallen

My friend Jane and I went to Fairhaven Memorial Cemetery and clipped the grass and left flowers for those we remember. She recently lost her life's love, a Navy man, and also remembered her grandparents and parents. I put flowers at my great Aunt's and Uncle's resting places. The grass and trees and beautiful flags make a sad occaision a bit gentler.


Bad News

Well, we knew they were going to do more lay-offs and today I got mine.
I am feeling angry, sad and disgusted with the management.
I will not be working with the kids this summer.
I found out that we can be demoted and "get" to work part time/no benefits.
And that if we refuse the job our unemployment insurance could be denied.
So, between a rock and a hard spot I will be working at the Santa Ana Senior Center.